Monday, August 28, 2006

A week in the life

Ragweed season. My friend. Despite the onset of something running out of every opening in my face, I am still enjoying what’s left of the summer. Oddly, my wife usually chooses this time of year to dig plants and trees from her mother’s backyard for transfer to ours. My mother-in-law, I’m convinced, plants and grows ragweed for some recipe only beknownst to her. After about an hour of digging, and receiving digging instructions, I escaped to the air-conditioned house, where I could drain my eyes and nose in more comfortable surroundings.

This is another oddity of late August for me. About the time we get perfect open-window sleeping weather, I have to shut up the house tighter than Tupperware with the right lid, which I can never find for actual Tupperware. But the house is air-tight.

Murder on the Side, the first of my River Bend Mystery series, is going well. I’m almost halfway through with the rough draft, which means I’m about one percent done with the entire thing. That’s why I don’t use the little WIP-o-meters that all my buddies put on their blogs. I’m never sure how far along I really am. And now I’ve begun the process of editing my last WIP. I figure it’s rested enough.

This was also the weekend we cleared out a bunch of stuff from my parent’s house as they begin their trek into full-time RVers. The 5th-wheel and diesel truck are on order, the house nearly empty, and the closing date only a couple weeks off. I guess I’d be more sad if I’d grown up in that house, but I was the Navy brat. My brother and sister lived there for most of their childhood. To me, it was just another housing unit, but without everything, including the window sills, painted white.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Way to go on the book, Ron! Glad to hear it's going well and looking forward to reading more. I took my meeter down too. Didnt' want to keep up with it anymore. I know where I'm at. :-)

Camy Tang said...

Glad to hear the book's going well! Sorry about the allergies, though.