Thursday, August 31, 2006

Friday Top 10 List

Top 10 Quotes that never were but shoulda been...

10. “Can you hear me now?” – Neil Armstrong

9. “Define ‘for worse’”—Hillary Clinton

8. “I’m going to EuroDisney!”—Charles Lindberg

7. “You’re not really going to wear that, are you?”—Eve

6. “I’m the one who’s President…no one named a beer after me!”—Jimmy Carter

5. “Yeesh! You people will believe anything!”—Peter Jennings

4. “Can someone do something about the &%! cockroaches around here?” —Nikita Krushchev (1,000 points to whoever can tell me what that one’s about!)

3. “I thought no one would ever yell ‘Olley Olley Oxen Free!’”—Jimmy Hoffa

2. “Oh, by the way, make sure you’re not holding onto the kite str…oops, that’s gotta hurt.” —Ben Franklin

And the number one quote that never was but shoulda been…

1. “On the contrary, I did find gold in Alaska.”—Jack London

Take the Top 10 challenge! Give me an idea via e-mail or in the comments and see if I can come up with a Top 10 list. You'll be the envy of at least three people and your kids will be slightly less embarrassed to be seen with you in public!


Jonathan E. Quist said...

You'll be the envy of at least three people and your kids will be slightly less embarrassed to be seen with you in public!

In 40 days, both my kids will be teenagers.

There ain't nothing gonna make them less embarrassed to be seen with me in public!

Janny said...

Okay, Ron, you're on. You're one of the most creative souls I've read in the blogosphere, so I'll feed you ideas as I get 'em.

How about The Top 10 Worst Error Messages to See on Your Computer Screen?

(heh heh)

As for my kids being embarrassed...fortunately, my son is 23 and in another state, and my daughter will be 21 in October and never wants to move away (please, God) I may have the opposite problem!



Libby said...

Cockroaches: Krushchev banging his shoe (at the United Nations?) yelling "We will bury you" or something similar.

Now, do I get the points? Huh, huh...

Ron Estrada said...

1000 points for Libby. And the points don't mean anything. That's right, the points are like Madonna's next obscene stage performance. I mean really, is it even worthy of page C3 of the Bumblyburg Gazette?

Heather Diane Tipton said...

dude... first I never had a last name in your links... and now I'm no where to be found! what's up with that?? Not only that but you don't have the fabfour blog up there either!! And hello Camy is a part of that too... and obviously you like her because she gets a last name on your blogroll :-p

Ron Estrada said...

That'll teach you to give me a hard time, Heather. Now behave or I'll make your link go to the Hillary Clinton presidential election campaign website.