Thursday, March 31, 2005

A small thing

I submitted the prologue and chapter 1 of Soul Searcher to the "Noble Theme" contest at ACFW. It's not a big thing, really, but I need to get some sort of feedback. I also told my wife to go ahead and start reading it. It's only been on the hard drive for five or six years. I'm a little hesitant.

I edited through chapter six last night. You know, it's really good. Is it okay to say that out loud? I'm a good writer! There, from the mountain tops even. I still seem a little tightly wound in the beginning chapters. Kind of like a horse who isn't sure what to do once the gate is opened. I really loosen up as I get going, though. I hope some editor agrees.

Just in case somebody besided me decides to read these (can't imagine why), I'm obviously not a professional writer (yet). I'm an engineer in a Visteon axle plant. Doesn't get much more bland than that. You'll never see a TV drama series about an engineer who saves the world each Tuesday night by changing an axle shaft machining process.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

March 30th, 2005

Probably my misspelling of the word "Fiction" is not a good way to re-launch my writing career. We'll just assume that's not a bad omen. I've been going over and editing Soul Searcher. You know, it's really not bad. I think I need another plot twist, though. It still seems like the work of a beginner. I guess it is.

It's funny, though. For the last year and a half that I haven't been writing, I've felt so depressed. Maybe that's too strong a word, but I have felt unfulfilled at the least. Now I feel alive again. I love writing, even if no one ever sees it but me. I've adopted Brandilyn Collins as my silent mentor. I warned her via e-mail even. Her genre matches mine, though her style is completely different. Her blog is inspiring. What a struggle for her to get published.

At least I'm making a good living while working on my novel. I'm not desperate. Maybe it would be better if I was. My wife would surely disagree.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Here I go again

I somehow made the decision today to start writing again. Well, I actually made the decision last week, but finally convinced myself today that I could publish a Fictin Novel. Here I go again...