Friday, April 30, 2010

And I didn't even know I was racist

Just so we understand each other, I want to go over the list of activities that are now considered "racist" in this country. I just want to be sure, you know? Having grown up as a Navy brat and spending another four years in the service myself, I've always been color blind. I don't think I heard a true racist statement until I was a teenager and home in Michigan. At least I thought they were racist statements. Now I see I must have been mistaken, because the people uttering them were union Democrats. Just not possible.

It's a good thing, then, that our current leadership and media is doing such a wonderful job at explaining the definition of racism. Here's what I've got so far. These activities are the new racism:
  • Speaking out against your President's policies.
  • Making illegal immigration illegal.
  • Owning a Confederate flag.
  • Failing to mention slavery at an event involving southern history.
  • Voting for anyone other than Obama.
  • Voting for a Republican (even if it's an African-American Republican...they don't count).
  • Disparaging any Democrat who ever uttered anything that used to be considered racist.
  • Drinking Arizona Iced Tea (even though it's brewed in New York).
  • Calling anyone a socialist.
I'm sure that list is incomplete. Please let me know if I've missed anything. I'm almost afraid to step out the front door or speak in public. What if I ask for a vanilla shake at McDonald' that racist? And if I hand the kid at the counter a dollar bill, which contains the image of George Washington, a confirmed slave owner, is that racist? I just don't know anymore. All this time, I thought I was not a bigot. Thank goodness for decent folks like Nancy Pelosi and Janeane Garofalo, who have been so kind to inform me of my hatred toward non-whites. And all this time I thought I was okay.

Can we get serious here? These race-baiting liberals are pathetic. The game plan has always been the same: if you can't defend your policies or want to distract the public from figuring out what you're up to, call someone a racist. May I suggest this to those of you who've actually been the victim of racism: you need to stand up and tell these morons to stop using a serious issue like racism for their own political gain. When Janeane Garofalo has the audacity to say that the Tea Parties are the result of racism, somebody in the black community needs to get seriously pissed off. She's cheapened your struggle. So has Nancy Pelosi and any other vicious liberal politician who's only goal in life is to get re-elected and maintain power over all of us, black or white.

Those of us on the right don't see color. We see character. If an African-American conservative (yes, they exist) were in the White House, there would be no protests. If there were a white socialist in the White House, you'd have the same people waving "Don't tread on me" flags in every corner of this country. 

Here's my message to those who are driving a wedge between races and classes in this country: Cut the crap. Stick to the issues and explain to us why it's okay to expand the government into every aspect of our lives. Tell us why it's okay to force disastrous bills down our throats and put honest companies out of business. Explain to us why Arizona should simply be tolerant of thousands of illegals crossing its borders and the violence that has followed. And, by the way, the one in ten of us who are unemployed with no way to provide for our families would love to see these "jobs Americans won't do." And since job creation is so important, please explain how Cap and Trade will not destroy millions of manufacturing jobs in this country. 

We so eagerly await your response. Wait a minute...I think I hear something. "He's a racist." Ah, thank you so much for your well thought-out rebuttal. I stand corrected. 

Maybe on the November ballot we can simplify the process. We'll just have a box for "Democrat" and one for "Racist Gun Loving Bible Thumping Bigot." That oughta clear things up for those of us who are confused.


Curt Ward said...

I have a dream! A dream where one day a man will no longer be judged by the color of his skin but by his charachter.

So say I, as I cling to my Bible, and my Constitution and all rights, freedoms and liberties there in.

Tom Madsen said...

No Ron, I don't think you are a racist. I think you are a parrot.

Every "insight" that you seem to have into the nature of the right or left seems to fit nicely on a bumper sticker and can be viewed nightly on FOX news.

The questions you ask in your "Here's my message..." paragraph are good questions. I would be much more interested in your blog if you would meditate on those questions yourself and write YOUR opinions without all of the snarky "I'm a victim of the race- baiting left" commentary.

Ron Estrada said...

Here's a lesson for my conservative friends (and my kids): if you take a stand on your beliefs, you will be attacked. I know, I'd prefer that everyone love me, but it just ain't so.

Now, onto Tom's comment. The term "parrot" or, my personal favorite, "sheeple," is tossed around by liberals, usually after they've heard it repeated by other liberals. Which is really funny when you think about.

It's an absurd notion to believe that every word I write has not been written elsewhere, what with thousands of blogs out there as well as the aforementioned Fox News and other media outlets. However, a Presidential Approved News Outlet ('s that for original?)such as CNN and NBC may be quoted repeatedly without fear of being dubbed a "parrot." Or, to simplify matters, if you agree with a liberal, you will not be branded a "parrot" either. It is only by agreeing with other conservatives that you must be labeled thusly. However, for Tom's sake, I'll drop the phrase "race-baiter" from my vocabulary. I'll replace it with "lying piece of ----." Oh, wait, this isn't a Presidential speech, I can't use words like that. I'll come up with something really clever. My promise, Tom.

When liberals have no argument, as I stated in the main post, they revert to slander. "Racist" is the preferred slander, but "parrot" and "sheeple" work nicely as well. Otherwise, guys like Tom would have to defend the ridiculous commentary of those in Washington and the PANOs (I really like that, think it will catch on?).

Now, I must take issue with Tom's claim that I'm putting myself up as a victim. I am not a victim. Victims don't fight back. And I promise Tom and every left-winger in this country that myself and the other millions of silent conservatives are through being silent. We will fight back, not with name-calling, but with facts and, in extreme circumstances, common sense.

I hope that my like-minded conservatives will shed their fear of offending others. If you speak the truth, you will be offensive, this I can promise. Any attempt to appease a liberal will garner the same results as an appeasement to terrorists. We see ourselves as doves, they see us as an easy meal. Get in their face, hit 'em hard with facts, and send them back to tarpits of socialistic ideology where they belong.

Tom Madsen said...

Ron - I deplore your politics and the way you view the world, but you do offer a well thought out Yin to my Yang... I begrudgingly respect that.

You are right, calling you a "parrot" is simply name calling. In the future, when I comment on your blog, I will dispense with the knee-jerk name calling.

Ron Estrada said...

Thank you, Tom. In one of my other posts I yearned for the day when those on opposing sides of the political spectrum gathered at the local pub to discuss their difference over a pint. I, too, shall abstain from cliche (avoid it like the plague, as they say), and speak from the heart. I truly want what is best for all, and truly believe conservative principles are the correct avenue to achieve that goal. I'll paraphrase Churchill and say that my conservatism (he said democracy) is not perfect, but it is the best man has ever devised.

I look forward to future comments from you. Move up to a newer post, though, this one is getting buried. I really should transfer this blog to Wordpress.