Friday, April 16, 2010

Ignorant and Uneducated

You know you're winning the war of ideas when the opposition resorts to name calling, lies, and misquotes to slander you. Since I've proudly made clear my involvement in the Tea Party movement, I've been called racist, homophobe, uneducated, and ignorant. I've also been called a "birther." I like that one the best. A "birther" is someone who believes that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen. While these folks seek the same goal as I, to rid our country of the socialists who've managed to lie their way into public office, I must disagree with their tactics. The attack on the President's nationality is a waste of resources. Besides, he's given us so many other avenues to turn public opinion against him, it's hardly worth the effort.

For those of us who've actually gone to a Tea Party instead of reading the New York Times hit piece (oddly, they can't understand why they're losing subscribers), you've found that we are highly educated, peaceful, actually fun to be around, loyal to our country, color blind and, I'm so sorry to have to tell you, absolutely committed to bringing this nation back to its constitutional roots. In fact, I just read the Contract from America, put together after polling 500,000 Patriots. The ten points mention things like controlling government spending, protect the Constitution, and reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

All those opposed to those points, raise your hand. The other 99% of you, those who I like to refer to as "non-idiots," stick around.

The current regime in Washington is proof that the founders were correct when they warned us about out of control federal government. They are so certain that everything they do is golden that they completely ignore the protests of those they supposedly represent. Our Constitution established a small, limited central government, leaving most of the control at the state and local levels. If Californians want government health care, they can vote it in for California. If Virginians don't want it, they don't get it thrust upon them from three thousand miles away. That way, you see, when it fails, it only effects the folks in California, not the whole freakin' country!

Here's what we want. We want governors who stand up, grow a spine, and tell the socialist in the White House that we are sovereign states who do not want or need his health care, his taxes, his cap and trade, or any of his attacks on the corporations who provide real jobs.Then we want the federal government to stick to what the constitution allows them which, by the way, is not "anything that provides health or security." There is no amendment that says "Insert your pet issue here." You guys 'n gals work for us. Got it? Now, for those of you with your hands raised, come up with actual arguments to support a socialist agenda, or shut up and get back to your tingly-legged "news" program host or American Idol.

If you choose to engage in your losing battle, you are in for a hell of a ride.

This is what happens when the uninformed and ignorant are called out.

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