Friday, April 23, 2010

Bush spent money too!

This is my favorite argument fired from the liberal left: Tea Partiers didn't protest the deficit spending of President Bush, so they're hypocrites for protesting the spending of President Obama. Actually, we're referred to as racist for protesting deficit spending, but I won't even dignify that childish claim with a response.

First of all, conservatives did protest the deficit spending of President Bush. No, we didn't gather in crowds at the time. The level of spending hadn't quite reached critical mass. The only acceptable deficit spending is that done in time of national emergency, like, say, killing 3000 Americans because we have the audacity to be Americans. Even then, conservatives protested, albeit silently. Conservatives make lousy protesters. You see, it is in our nature to actually work for a living. Any protest must be carried out during our lunch hour. That doesn't allow much time to get a really good frenzy going. The liberal protesters are awe-inspiring. They take to the streets for days at a time. If not for my selfish need for a paycheck and a shower, I'd be all over that game plan!

Back to the spending. Seriously, are these people really going to compare the Bush spending to Obama? That's like comparing a shoplifter to Al Capone. It reminds me of a passage in the Bible: Saul has killed his thousands but David has killed his tens of thousands! Unfortunately, the tens of thousands, actually trillions, being killed are dollars that my kids will be straddled with. I know liberals prefer name-calling to facts, but please bear with me. Facts are just so much darned fun! Take a look at this graph, if you can do so without crying:

 The deficit under Bush, in his worst year, was just shy of $500billion. Again, I can't defend that. Bush clearly lost his conservative moorings during his presidency. But look at Obama's very first year in office. Yes, I've heard the arguments that it was "necessary" to get the nation on the road to recovery. That's crap. The last president who tried to spend his way out of a recession took this country into a ten year depression that "ended" only with the outbreak of WWII (another myth, by the way, otherwise, let's just find a good war and all our problems will be solved).

The premise of those opposed to the Tea Party movement is that if Bush did it, it's okay for Obama to do it, even on a grander scale. Sounds a bit like my kids. "All my friends are going to see Texas Chainsaw Gang Rape IV, so I should get to go too!" May I be the first Tea Partier to apologize for not taking to the streets ten years ago. Now that I've taken that first, bold step, can we move forward?

What I see ahead of us is unsustainable debt, inflation, higher taxes, and (dare I say it?) a once proud nation groveling before the United Nations or the EU for a bail out. Remember, whoever holds your debt is your master. And our master will insist that we model our nation after their European-socialist structure. If you're in favor of that, you may return to your previously scheduled Tea Party bashing. If you believe that America is still the greatest nation ever conceived and a shining example for the oppressed masses living under socialist regimes, then let's get off the couch and have ourselves a good old-fashioned protest. I'll bring the snacks.

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