Monday, April 26, 2010

Profit: the 8th deadly sin

Like many of you, I watched in horror as 15,000 protesters from teachers unions rallied in Springfield, Illinois to demand--are you ready for this--that the legislature raise their taxes. Like most states, Illinois is experiencing a budget crises. And, unlike our federal government, they understand the injustice of mounting debt to pass along to the next generations. Like a company, a state must make cuts when times are tough and they're not taking in enough cash to cover costs. For those of you who never took basic accounting or have spent too many years in Washington, D.C., the calculation is quite complex:

Profit = Income-Expenses

Yes, I used the "P" word. Punishable by imprisonment inside the beltway. I believe they're working on a death sentence now. For my liberal friends, profit does not equate greed. Profit means you're not losing money, going out of business, firing all your employees, eating Alpo, etc. I know, in the perfect world we'd all break even, or at least have all our profits taxed 100% to give to one of the thousands of illegal aliens on the verge of receiving amnesty. After all, they'll need a car so they can go vote for their Democratic friends who penned the amnesty bill.

Back to Illinois. The teacher's unions are rallying the troops to demand that the taxpayer foot the bill to ensure that none of them lose their jobs. Let me help with another definition. Taxpayer: they guy who just got his salary or hours reduced but is happy to have a job so he can support his wife and three kids. Yes, he should turn over some more cash to the state employees. That's fair.

I can help Illinois out. Go to YouTube and search for "Illinois teachers protest." You'll find about a dozen of your best and brightest spouting nonsense (not to mention very bad singing) about their incredible lack of economic knowledge. My favorite is the woman who said she owned a business, but her taxes shouldn't be raised because "those other" businesses make a much bigger profit. Oooh, there's that word again. I think any business person who claims a profit on their tax forms should be forced to wear a scarlet "P" on their lapel. That way society will know exactly who is to blame for the economic meltdown, global warming, and the Lion's 0-18 season. This woman, like many others there, exemplify the liberal position of "tax the rich, but make sure you draw the poverty line just a smidgen over my income level."

Now, I want to compare this rally with those of the evil Tea Partiers.

The Illinois show was arranged by union leaders. The protesters were bussed in (kind of like election day). They protested for higher taxes against the working man to support their income. The prevailing theme was money. More money for them, less for the 99% of the population who do not belong to a public service union.

The Tea Parties are the most disorganized rabble this nation has ever known, save for the aforementioned Detroit Lions. They check the internet for a local Tea Party, hear about one through the grapevine, or just start one themselves. They drive themselves during off hours or take vacation time. They are peaceful, full of energy, and love their country. And what do they demand?


Sacrifice for themselves so that their children will not inherit the mess we've gotten ourselves into. Tea Partiers are willing to give up their social security checks even though they'll probably have to pay into it for their entire working lives. Tea Partiers want less government services for themselves,  less "free" health care, less government intrusion. Despite the rhetoric from the left, conservatives aren't fixated on money. Who do you see shouting "show me the money!" at their rallies? Not Tea Partiers. Not conservatives. Conservatives are interested in the maximum level of prosperity for ALL.

If a kid growing up on the streets of South Central L.A. wants to start his own business and pull out of the mire, the government needs to get out of his way. Not hit him with so many taxes, fees, and unnecessary regulations that he can't even get the doors open.

Who is going to stand by that kid's side and demand fairness? Not the unions. He's too small. Not the Democrats. They need him on the government dole so he'll continue to vote for them. It will be Tea Partiers, conservatives, the greedy "Profiteers."

One party has done an excellent job of convincing the world that they stand for the little guy, the working man. It's the greatest con game in history. Since Johnson's Great Society sunk it's claws into our economy, the plight of minorities, small business, and every taxpayer has gotten worse. If the Republican party cannot stand up and shine a light on this obvious fraud, we'll continue to have more of the same. So far, it looks like the Repubs are getting the message. Don't blow it. Stand with the Tea Partiers and conservatives and be the party of the little guy. I'll proudly pin on my scarlet "P" and stand by you.

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