Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stick to the premise

A classic liberal tactic is to distract his conservative counterpart with specific incidents that have occurred in the long battle for the direction of this country. A good example is the one I presented in my previous post, where the liberal brings up the fact that George Bush also spent wildly over what the government took in. This somehow makes it palitable that the current administration doubles that deficit spending and then some. Another example is the case of the Tea Party movement. If the liberal can find just one case of racism among the millions of protestors, the entire movement is disqualified. 

This is where it's important for the conservative to stick to his or her premise. That's the baseline of our argument. Essentially, it's this: 
  • limited government as is clearly outlined in the U.S. Constitution
  • free market
  • personal accountability
  • respect for the sanctity of human life
State your belief that these simple steps will create an environment that will allow greater prosperity for a larger number of people. Then ask your liberal friend which of those points he or she disagrees with.

The liberal will continually try to pull you from your premise because he has no real argument against it, other than "corporations are greedy" or some other tired catch phrase. Of course, the corporation that provides their paycheck, house, TV, and electric vehicle is not the problem. It's all those other ones.

History has proven irrifutably that conservatism, even in small doses, results in unprecedented prosperity while socialism (which is the end result of the liberal playbook) causes suffering and poverty on a mass scale. Therefore, the liberal must focus on the issue of the moment to prevail in any debate. As I've stated previously, racism is the issue du jour. Other popular distractions include: the war, housing market crash (remind me to illustrate how liberal polices created that one), health care, and the most recent sex scandal (unless, of course, a liberal is involved).

Let me illustrate the liberal rationale:

A conservative football coach and a liberal football coach meet on the field after the game. The liberal coach says, "Man, you must be terribly embarassed by that fumble in the second quarter." The conservative coach looks at his opponent as if the man had just fallen off the carbon truck and says, "Not really, we beat you 63 to nothing."

Don't get into an argument about the second quarter fumble, my friends. Stick to your game plan. A free market, limited government, and low taxes will deliver prosperity for the maximum number of people at any given time. Write it on your palm if necessary. By sticking to your premise, which you know to be true, no argument can overpower you. No matter how eloquent the speaker, how famous the writer, how prestigious the university professor, a well spoken bucket of dung is still a bucket of dung.

Simple truth trumps an elaborate lie every time.

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