Monday, September 18, 2006

A week in the life

Fall arrives today. In Michigan, it's easy to see coming. One day it's 80 and sunny, the next it's 60 and raining leaves upon your brow. That would be today. I enjoy this time in Michigan. In my younger years it was because bowhunting season was right around the corner. While I still partake in this silly custom from time to time, it is not the driving force in which my entire year revolves.

These days I find myself staring at a crimson maple, in awe of God's creation. I will still stop and watch a flock of geese fly overhead. Mind you, Canadian Geese in Michigan are like flies in the south. Same with deer, which I still enjoy watching as they graze in a field at sunset (even without the bow in my hand).

Fall, I think, brings out my best writing. It's sort of a romantic longing for the simple things--a cup of coffee on a cold morning, a book and a blanket, soft music and scented candles. And then there's the food. Oh glory to God! The food. Have you ever had a donut right out of the hot grease with real fresh apple cider (not the early September cider, which is usually condensed from last year)? Apples and caramel dip. Candy corn. Did I mention coffee?

Church seems to take on new life in the fall--literally. Yesterday I met two new families at our small Methodist Church. Somehow, greeting them became my job. I didn't mind. I do have an innate ability to chat it up with just about anyone I meet. I could have been a good detective. Though I'd probably lose my suspect whenever I stopped to watch a flock of geese fly over.

I'm to the thrilling conclusion of Murder on the Side. Of course, it will take about ten chapters to get through said thrilling conclusion, but I'm on a roll. After much soul searching recently, I've decided to stick with the Christian market. After reading mysteries all summer by various authors, I see there's a need for what I call comfortable reading. Call it a cozy or soft boiled, whatever you want, I want to write things that I wouldn't be embarrassed for my twelve year-old daughter to read.

Maybe I'm limiting myself. That's fine. Paul tells us to be assured of what we see as acceptable or unacceptable. We each know our own spiritual limits. I often try to fool myself and lower the bar, but I know I' m the only one being fooled.

Y'all have a good time at the AFCW conference. I'll be praying for you.


Heather said...

Bought a new pumpkin with fiber optics yesterday and spider web cotton for the bushes (of course, we have enough spider webs in the house naturally). I'm ready for fall!
I'm struggling with the CBA/ABA question as well. Either way, I have to limit myself.

Camy Tang said...

We'll miss you at the conference! Glad you decided on the CBA/ABA question. That's also why I decided to target CBA--I wanted to write fiction that the teens at church would be able to read, no problem.