Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Time Outdoors

I took Andrew on his first turkey hunt this past weekend. Actually, his first hunt of any sort. While I ran my son ragged chasing silly birds that should be much dumber than us, I prayed that he would see God's hand in His creation. There's something about sitting in the spring woods while the sun rises that makes everything else in my life seem trivial. As well it should.

In twenty years, I may or may not still be in the trailer hitch business, but my son will still be smiling at the memory of a distant gobble and the hot pursuit to follow. Maybe he'll be shushing his own son as they listen intently at an impossible number of birds waking up the forest.

Why do we worry so much about the little inconveniences life throws at us?

I watch people practically yelling at the gas pump as prices go up and up. But, really, is this going to impact their lives all that greatly? If the whole world economy came crashing down today, what can I do about it? I'll tell you. I'll open my bible every morning, read the Good News and rejoice that I have been given life at all, and that I've been given new life through Jesus Christ.

The beauty of being born again, while I'm still here on Earth, is that all the details of life are put into perspective. Business, bills, sickness--all are like leaves floating in the current of a river. The leaves are either there or not, but the current still carries me toward the everlasting life I have in Christ Jesus.

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