Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Top 10

Top 10 Money Saving Ideas for Christmas…

10. Inform your extended family that you appreciate the $50 limit for each of your sixteen nieces and nephews, but perhaps you should learn their names first.

9. Tell your kids that Santa got 20 to life for smoking his pipe in an L.A. restaurant.

8. Once the snow starts falling your neighbor won’t see the extension cord for your lights leading to his house.

7. Re-wrap the gifts you bought your kids last year. Since they haven’t played with them in 364 days, they won’t remember.

6. Tell your kids that the terrorism alert level is “Orange,” meaning that every gift in the country must be inspected by government employees, so they won’t see them for several years.

5. Resist the urge to see yet another Christmas movie where washed up actors fight over must have gifts.

4. The Kid Rock Christmas Album…do ya really need it?

3. Tell the music teacher that the cost of her costume selection for the Holiday Concert will directly impact your vote in the next mileage renewal.

2. When the office dimwit comes around for the “Secret Santa” drawing, pull the Menorah and skull cap out of your bottom drawer.

And the number one Money Saving Idea for Christmas…

1. If you just can’t resist another singing and dancing snowmen ornament, stay out of the Hallmark store.


Anonymous said...

Will you let me email this to Mrs Payne the music teacher?

Heather said...

But I like those singing and dancing Frosty's.

Dineen A. Miller said... good suggestions for controlling a hubby who turns into a kid again at Christmas. LOL!

Victoria Gaines said...

That cracked me up. Merry Christmas to you! Just surfing to see what other writers are up to these holly-days:-)