Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Top 10

Top 10 Clues you may have gone a bit overboard on your Exterior Christmas lighting…

10. Your January electric bill comes with chapter numbers.

9. Your rose bushes bloom in mid-December.

8. A sudden spike in low-flying aircraft.

7. The average temperature for December in your town is up 8 degrees.

6. Vegas Casino owners are complaining about the glare from your home.

5. Your bag of Orville Redenbacher’s pops while in the cupboard.

4. Al Gore uses your home for a speech backdrop.

3. You don’t require reading lights inside the house at night.

2. Your children have the best tans in the school Winter Solstice Celebration.

And the number one clue you may have gone a bit overboard on your Exterior Christmas Lighting…

1. Three guys on camels show up at your door.


Heather said...

As usual, this list had me laughing! We started hanging lights on Wed. Oh, we have just begun to light the house.

Janny said...

I firmly believe there's no such thing as too much Christmas, and there probably is no such thing as too much lighting...but I must admit, there's no way I'd want to risk attracting Al Gore to the front porch. Ack!

Of course, then if I have Internet trouble, he could fix it...since he invented it and all.


Great as usual, Ron! Have a good one!


Dineen A. Miller said...

ROTFL!!! You are so good at this, dude! Very funny.

Robin Caroll said...

How funny! I love it....and I don't do the exterior Christmas light thing! LOL