Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I just berated critter Robin, now ACFW President, about posting on her blog once a month. Thus the word "blazy," for those who don't tend to their blogs. When that happens, things get musty, weeds pop through the cracks in the sidewalk, and friends find excuses for not posting (I woulda posted but the new "Scrubs" was on...). You know the drill.

So here I sit, about to let a full week pass by without a post. And the new "Scrubs" wasn't all that good. I even neglected the Friday Top 10. My shame runs deep. However, I did write a Haiku on Mark Terry's blog. He's having a contest. Some guys will do anything for attention. Go join in and win a free autographed (I think he said autographed) Mark Terry novel. Twist his arm for both.

I plug Mark's books because A: he knows where I live and B: in SE Michigan, novel writing may be the only source of income soon. So we have to give each other a boost. Again, that's Mark Terry's blog, or call toll free at 1-800-KIDS2FD.

So, I guess this counts as a post. I'll see ya Friday. Maybe.


Mark said...

Yeah. And the oldest one is a teenager--they eat a lot. And I have to pay for braces... and Tylenol...

Janny said...

I'll tell you what...

Youse guys up dere in Michigan find some way to have novel writing actually PAY the bills, put it together into a magical internet course or e-book or something similar, and you can sell it for as much money as you want...because most of us would love to have novel writing really, truly, absolutely, positively, pay the bills. (!)

Of course, you could just SAY you have the secret, sell a gazillion e-books that simply say, "Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Submit. Submit. Submit. Revise. Revise. Revise. Resubmit. Work harder. Ignore SCRUBS. Ignore blogging. Work harder yet. Revise harder yet..." Ad infinitum. Whadya think? Concise, short, active sentences, no? How many thousands of those words do I have to string together in order to get people to pay $39.95 apiece for the privilege of reading that wisdom...?

Hmmm. Okay, I'm off to write the new Best Selling Top Secret Things They Don't Want You To Know About How Your Novel Writing Can Really Pay The Bills, Yessir, Sign Right Here, Please, Y'All Come, Bring Money.

What do you mean, the title's too long?

Hoping to see a new top 10 list soon!