Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Top 10

Top 10 Celebrity Products we’d like to see…

10. The Hillary Clinton lamp collection. Aerodynamically designed for distance and impact.

9. The O.J. “Non-Acquittal” line of gloves. Tight spot? Tight fit!

8. Nancy Pelosi cookware. Lightweight for easy travel to high places.

7. Al Gore global warming casuals. Simply peel off the layers as the temps climb.

6. Mahmoud Admadinejad’s history books. The pages are all blank so you can write your own!

5. The Bill Ford, Jr. piggy bank. For every penny you put in, two disappear.

4. The Tom Cruise wedding planner. Only one page because, really, nobody cares.

Okay, I'm lazy today. I want help! I'll let you guys fill in the top 3! Just leave 'em in the comments.





Janny said...

3. The Paris Hilton "Improve Your Vocabulary" seminar. Like, you know, speaks for itself.

2. The Celebrity Un-Doll: Choice of shapes and accessories (Trump's hair, Simon's mouth, Rosie's body). Handy for an un-gift to someone you dislike--throw it against the wall, it spews insults!

and the number one...

1. Dan Brown's "Seals of Approval" stamp kit. Makes any document you own--even those you create yourself!--into an instantly credible research source. Just ink it up, and make it official!


Okay, they're not the cleverest things on the planet, but I'm sure you'll have more players. :-)


Candice Speare said...

Okay. I can't resist this. A Top Ten Celebrity Product: The Britney Spears "I Know Fashion Self-Help Guide."

Ron Estrada said...

Britney needs a lot of self help. Good shot at Dan Brown, too! And Paris. She's another one of those people you keep reading about and thinking: Okay, what exactly is it she does and why do I care?