Friday, January 05, 2007

100 Hours of Silence

Out of respenct for Miss Nancy and the new regime, I, as a card-carrying Republican, will remain silent for 100 hours. There will be no Top 10 or any opinions whatsoever expressed on this blog.

Thank you Miss Nancy for showing me the error of my ways.


Janny said...


I, too, am a card-carrying I feel yoah pain. And ya gotta love Nancy calling herself our "Italian Grandma" and having a whole bunch of kids around her for the swearing-in nonsense. Fortunately, the sound was off in my office, although the CNN pictures ran incessantly (ad nauseum and all else). Also fortunately, at least for those kids, apparently their mothers were pro-life. Maybe Nancy's party hadn't shown them the error of their ways yet?

Hang in there. She only got elected by 31 votes, which while a majority, is nothing to write home about. I've started a year of prayer for the revival of my country, so that'll hopefully keep my blood pressure down and my eyes looking in the right place...up.

Certainly not toward Miss Nancy to teach us anything.

Have a good one!


Mark said...

Well, a not-card-carrying, but knee-jerk, bleeding heart liberal would like to step forward and suggest that, dem or repub, 225+ years is an awful long time to wait to get a female in that office, whether you agree with her politics or not.

Tom said...

I can't believe it. A card-carrying Republican and a writer?
How refreshing--I thought we were as scarce as liberals in Hollywood. Come to think of it, we are.

Re. Mark's post--I don't get it. Who was waiting 225 years? What for? What does gender have to do with it?