Thursday, October 05, 2006

Christmas Shopping for your Writer

These are some cool writer gifts! Someone must be sure Robin has the "Caution: Mystery Writer" coffee mug at "The Write Thing."

Lots more where those came from!
To my darling wife: A "Mystery Writers Have a Clue" mug would be nice. Oh, and maybe a "You are so not going into my book" t-shirt!
Get 'em here...


Gina Holmes said...

Ha! Especially love the shirt. And just for the record, no one is going into my book. The people that resemble you, looks, quirks, mannerisms are not you. :)

:-)Ronie said...

HILARIOUS!! I love the t-shirt, too!!

Mark said...

Actually, my favorite is the:

Mystery Writer
I research ways to kill people.

Think about that before you make me angry.

Gotta get that one.

Mark Terry

Robin Cynclair said...

um, of course I want that one...hmmm, think I can get Case to come visit your blog?

Anonymous said...

One more mug in the house...yeah, that's what we need. To add to the BIG BOX in the basement. Love, the wife.