Thursday, December 01, 2005

15 Book Preference

My pal Dineen has tagged me with my list of 15 book preferences. So here's what I came up with:

15 Facts and Personal Preferences about books:

1. Nothing written by bad ex-Presidents.
2. No gay vampires.
3. I like to read in bed with my wife.
4. I usually have at least two fiction books going at the same time.
5. Never use the phrase "her near perfect features."
6. Nothing by Al Franken (what, exactly, does he do?)
7. Fiction that teaches me something new.
8. You get to use a writer as your protag once during your career, then move on.
9. I check out several books at the same time in case one or two really stink.
10. I try to read at least one new (to me) author a month.
11. I'll try to read in the bathtub again, even though I know it can't be done.
12. Never read anything by someone who proudly proclaims to be an ex-Christian.
13. I love historical fiction, but wouldn't want to attempt it.
14. Sexual tension is great, but stop before it turns into erotica.
15. I love a romantic thread, but can't read a romance.


Robin Cynclair said...

Good ones, Ron. However, I'll have to tell the missus about the tub rack so you CAN read in the tub. I do it aren't allowed in there anymore. Well, at least not when their dad is home, too! :)

Gina Holmes said...

Neat game. I was going to comment too about the bathtub woes. It stinks to have a freshly author signed copy of a book and then by the time tub time is over, it's all wrinkled and water logged, but I see the highly intellegent Robin has solved our dilemna! A tub rack. For you Ron, I'm guessing a piece of plywood would work.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hey Ron, great list. LOL! Keep us posted on your tub woes.

Robin Cynclair said...

BTW, you've been tagged again...check my blog today! LOL It's Kristin's fault! LOL