Friday, February 09, 2007

The Fiction Marketing Journey: Step 1

Welcome to my Fiction Writers Marketing Journey. To kick things off this week, I asked you to visit Randy Ingermanson’s website and determine where you fall in your writing career. Me? I think I fall into the “Junior” category. My writing is looking pretty good, but I’ve still got some things to learn. I’m not going to go any deeper into the finer points of writing, but I would recommend Randy’s Fiction 101 & 201 course. The rest is up to you.

Now, why am I doing this? This project is not meant to be long term. My little scheme is to use this blog as the staging area for my marketing plan. Why? Because I can lay it out, step by step, as I go. AND I can include you in the process. You see, like Randy, Terry, and a host of other writers, I don’t buy into the deception that a successful writing career is luck of the draw. I’m not talking about writing a best seller and retiring to Jamaica, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that our hard work pay off at least enough to lead a comfortable existence. But most importantly: if I’m truly called to this ministry, why should I settle for less than my maximum potential? There’s a parable Jesus told about some servants who were given money (talent) to invest. Those who took the biggest risk and got the greatest return were rewarded even more. I’m already investing a lot of time and work, why not go the distance and make sure the fruit of my labor doesn’t die on the vine?

My point? It’s not enough that you have talent. It’s not enough that you were called. You must do whatever you can to ensure all that talent doesn’t go to waste. That’s where marketing comes in. It’s an investment in your writing. The greater the return on that investment, the more you can give back to Him. I’m not just talking dollars, I’m talking souls reached for the Kingdom.

Now, let’s continue. The next thing I did on my journey was to subscribe to an e-zine. That’s right, why kill myself learning this stuff when someone else already knows it? I hate to keep picking on Randy, but he’s the “Mad Genius” that got me started on this path in the first place. The first edition of his marketing e-zine told me to find my “empire.” What’s that? Well, it’s what I’m passionate about, or good at, or want to be good at. I’m going to think about that over the weekend. How about you do the same? Go and subscribe to Randy’s e-zine, The Mad Genius Writer, and read up. Oh, by the way, when you do, you’ll notice that I’ve already taken some short term steps. I’ll let you figure it out after you read Randy’s e-zine.

See ya Monday!


Dineen A. Miller said...

Wow, you changed your blog. You're really getting into all this marketing stuff. I will sit at your fit and learn and watch. Love your gusto, dude. Go for it!

Ron Estrada said...

Thanks Dineen. If you put as much effort into your marketing as you do your writing, you'll do great.

Libby Hellmann said...

As a publicity/promotions person in my former life, (I worked at Burson-Marsteller for 8 years), the biggest shock I got as an author (having now published 4 novels) is that you promote your product 1-book-at-a-time... to 1-customer-at-a-time. It requires an incredible amount of energy to do this and seems almost like an unsurmountable task.

I would also suggest that newbies read Joe Konrath's blog regularly. It's probably the most useful blog I've found for marketing advice, in terms of what works and what doesn't. Check him out at

Ron Estrada said...

Oh yes, the Rusty Nail Tour. Joe is a selling machine.

SolShine7 said...

Now this point is just well said: "It’s not enough that you have talent. It’s not enough that you were called. You must do whatever you can to ensure all that talent doesn’t go to waste."

Wow! I'm definately going to have to visit your blog more often!!

Camy Tang said...

Tsk, tsk...where's your RSS feed? Hmmmmm???? Mr. Mad Genius Marketing Acolyte? Sending some link love your way next week, so post something brilliant on Monday.

Ron Estrada said...

Hey. There's only so many hours in a day! I'm getting there. Send me the link love.

Robin Caroll said...

I signed up for Randy's new ezine as well. Hope I learn something. And something else really cool....Randy will be teaching a marketing continuing session at the ACFW conference in September! AWESOME