Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back to my back

Okay, I hate to complain, but I will when I have a captive audience. I've got one of those back injuries (a strained or torn muscle, as far as I or my doctor can tell) that only hurts when I sit. No big deal, you say? Try writing from a prone position. It's possible, but it gets annoying when you want your notes and reference books within easy reach. My bed looks like it belongs in a college dorm room. It's not excruciating pain, but just annoying. Besides, I've learned never to say that I'm in extreme pain, or all the moms I know will go into great detail about the child birthing process. I'm okay...really.

Besides the back thing, I'm on my last semester for my MBA. It's only one class this time, but it still takes up a lot of time. My prayer is, by June, I'll be a fully operational writing unit, capable of such tremendous feats as completing a chapter and sitting upright.

Spring has finally sprung in Michigan, by the way. I even put away my snow blower yesterday, an often risky venture this early in April. Why is it that every other state has global warming? Where do I sign up? Is there a monthly fee?

The doves that nest in the blue spruce next to my bathroom window have already laid, hatched, and jettisoned their first pair of dovelings. I'm sorry to report that I've confirmed one homicide thus far. I didn't dust for paw prints, but I'm assuming a cat was the culprit. It was under the spruce, inside the branches, so a hawk probably couldn't have gotten to it. Doves kick their young out when they're almost ready to fly. Sometimes, it ain't good enough. Sibling #2 flew from our front garden and across the neighbor's lawn that same day. Mother dove is busy readying the nest for the next brood. I think they do several a year. I'll have to look it up. I'm guessing the mortality rate is somewhere around 90%, though, especially in cat and hawk infested neighborhoods.

The goose that nests outside the front entrance of the Ford plant I work in is on her nest now. Her and her gander chase the vendors that come to call. We should probably pay them for that. I've spotted bluebirds this week, too, so it must be for real.

And...drumroll please...the lawnmower started. Life is complete.


Gina Holmes said...

Sorry your back is bothering you. I'll pray about that.

But glad your lawnmower started. We hold our breath every year when we try to start ours. Ah spring! Out my windown the Azaleas are in full bloom, along with tulips, pansies and the trees buds have grown into baby leaves. Just lovely.

Keep up the good work with school!

Janice said...

You have bluebirds??? Wow! Send them my way. In 35 years I've only seen one migratory bluebird pass by my house.

I hope you're up and around soon.

Dineen A. Miller said...

LOL! The lawnmowers are most active here in the winter. That's when everything finally gets enought water to grow. About the time you get yours really going, we'll be locking ours away. Whew!

Get better, dude! And keep in touch!

Camy Tang said...

My hubby was cussing at the push-lawnmower the other weekend.

Robin Cynclair said...

Praying for your back!

We just mowed this weekend! Now to weed-eat! UGH