Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just say NO

It seems that everyone is ganging up on me this week. I love backstory, it seems, and in today's fiction market, that just isn't tolerated. So I'll surrender. I cut and hack and, in my own words, just tell the story.

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting at my kitchen island. I love wireless, don't you? There is nothing better than a cool (not quite crisp yet) autumn morning and a cup of coffee. I got up before everyone else because the opening scene for a book that is still two years away kept gnawing at my brain. So I gave up and wrote it. Y'all should be proud of me--no backstory. Just like Brandilyn says: When it comes to backstory, DON'T.

The small people who inhabit my house are stirring now, so I'll cut this one short. They'll probably want food again, even though they just ate--what?--yesterday?



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Dineen A. Miller said...

Hey Ron!
You sound like you love fall as much as I do. I celebrate the first day each year. Got my favorite fall table cloth out and all my wonderful candles. I bet Kelly can relate to that! LOL!

So, get moving! Where's that new revised first chapter?

Gina Holmes said...

Ron, sounds like you've got everything you need to be an awesome novelist: 1. Teachability (number one for a reason!)
2. work ethic
3. perserverence
4. talent

Can't wait to read your work in book form. There's never enough good, spooky stories out there with a Christian worldview.