Thursday, September 22, 2005

And autumn has arrived...

In the words of Junie B. Jones: "Yeah, but here's the problem." The internet makes my writing life a lot easier when it comes to research. However, there are about a million fantastic writing sites out there. Gena introduced me to Dave Long's site. Holy cow, what a great source of information, and straight from the horse's mouth (I know I used a cow and a horse in the same sentence and my blog is definately not farm related, but who's keeping track?). Then I get on Bradilyn Collin's web site and she's got a post that is aimed straight at my little writer's heart--lay off the backstory! What's really annoying is that Robin just told me that about my first chapter last night. I hate it when she's right. It's okay, I'll get my revenge when I critique her chapters.

Did I digress? I think so. Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing in what little time I have each day, not reading blogs, reading fiction, reading writing books, etc. I know I have to do all that, too. But, man, I could spend four hours a day on the net. Just like I'm doing right now. But it's lunch time, so it's okay, although I have a Kathryn Mackel novel sitting here waiting for me. So I think I'll get to that. Seeya later.


Livenwealthy said...

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Gina Holmes said...

How about ""

The key is balance. I spent 6 years mostly just reading every morsel I could get my hands on regarding the how tos of writing. The internet is the best teaching tool I've seen. People are teaching us the ropes for free.
Which Mackel book you get? She's awesome.

Ron Estrada said...

I've got "The Departed." Yeah, I like her. At first I didn't like having all the characters hurled at me so quickly, but she pulls them together nicely so I know who's who.

You're right about taking the time to get your book polished, especially for the first timer. I've made a lot of the same mistakes you have. I'm close, but I know I'm not quite there yet. Thank goodness for ACFW and the wonderful crit partners I've found (actually, they found me).