Monday, July 24, 2006

Getting Acquainted

Critter Robin reported to me this weekend that my chapter 4 really flowed. I reported back that it takes me four chapters to get into my character's heads. Now, if I did all the "correct" stuff and fully outlined my characters beforehand, I might get off the starting block a little quicker. I do outlines, but they seem more like rap sheets. Even when I do the character "interview," it seems forced. I don't really get to know them until I've put them on stage and watched for a while. The good news is I find myself truly loving these characters of Trout, Michigan, home of the River Bend Diner. I'm discovering details of their backgrounds as I go, and they are fascinating! I'd love to sit down at the River Bend's lunch counter, cup of Green Mountain coffee in hand, and have long conversations with Fred, Jerry, or Claudia.

This is off the cuff, but I think being a late-blooming Christian helps. People who knew me twenty years ago wouldn't regognize me now. I'm a "new man" as the apostle Paul says it. We're also supposed to see others the same way--as works in progress. I see my characters that way. My readers get a quick snapshop at the first introduction, then are slowly fed more information as they go. They'll find that the pleasant ones have rather frightening pasts and the bad ones didn't come into the world with murder on their minds.

I'm told if I enjoy my characters and my writing, my readers will as well. We'll see.


Lynette Sowell said...

Ron, it sounds like you have a great setting with room for quirky characters. I think it's cool that sometimes as we get to know our characters better, we learn unexpected things. I hope it continues to flow for you.

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. Isn't it fun when you just love your characters and want to hand out with them. Only trouble is, sometimes I forget I have real life friends and family!

I'm still brainstorming my Cozy and finishing up my Suspense and I'm in the middle of brainstorming a momlit.

Thanks for the link. Uh, the OTHER GINA? How about the ORIGINAL GINA, or the INTERRUPTED GINA? ;)Hey, whatever you want to call me is fine, as long as it gets people to my blog, right?

I'll add you to my writer roll. I've got to have more than one guy on it. :) Oh, and one favor. If I'm the OTHER GINA. Can I be under THE GINA!

Ron Estrada said...

Sorry, Gina. But Holmes had her name trademarked. I'll move you as soon as Blogger gets it together. I keep getting error messages.

My first was a supernatural suspense. Then I did a romantic suspense (really. It's Robin's fault). Now I'm onto mysteries. This one's called "Murder on the Side" and will be the first of my "River Bend Mysteries" series.

Love the frame, btw. Maybe I should get a picture of me sleeping with a laptop spread over my face. Might be an improvement.

Gina Holmes said...

It's true, Lil' G, Gina is now copyrighted to moi. Sorry but I don't want to have to include you in the massive lawsuits I've filed across the land for Gina's to change their names. May I interest you in "Older Gina"? or "Crankier Gina"? [wink]

Ron, lots of writers write a few chapters just to delete them. That might be what you need to do. It of course is not a waste. Just warm up. Sounds like a great story.
I pray this will be the one!