Saturday, March 18, 2006

A fine day

Warning: this is an official rambling.

I'm done with the winter semester! Okay, no one is overjoyed but me. True, I still have one semester left, but it's only one class, and it's an easy class. What this means, my friends, is that I have time to get back to the writing game. A good thing. Especially since I got one of those rejections from a big Christian publishing house that requested I send something else. I love it when that happens. True, I'd love it more if they sent a contract, but I'll take a good compliment from an editor.

Now what to send? They rejected the suspense. Though, truth be told, it wasn't a real good fit for that publisher. I'm just about to start my cozy mystery, but hadn't intended on giving it a strong enough spiritual thread to sell to a Christian publisher. Now I may change that. It won't change the story any, but I have to be more careful. I could say I won't bother with this particular house, but I ain't crazy. When you get an opening, you work it. I'm workin' it.

So, as I sit here watching Jaws (they just put the third barrel in Bruce) and enjoying the opportunity to do absolutely nothing of value for a few hours, I'm thinking about my novels. Not just the ones I've written--you know, the training novels--but the good ones that are straining out of me now. I can't wait. But I will, at least until Bruce explodes into the world's largest bait pile.

By the way, the back's feeling much better today. Funny how that works. No more school work, no more pain.


Camy Tang said...

Hey, great that school's over and the back is feeling better and you're watching JAWS!

How great the pub house wanted to see more from you! Go with it, dude. God doesn't open doors for nuthin'.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Glad you're feeling better! Woohoo! And you're done with school. Let's fill up Ron's crit box. LOL! Just kidding...

Gina Holmes said...

Looking forward to hearing good news from this publisher. Congrats on finishing up school.