Saturday, January 21, 2006


It's funny how I can read one of Jesus' parables, completely understand it, and then completely ignore His teaching. My favorite is the Parable of the Sower. Jesus tells the story of a farmer who tosses out his seeds. Some fall on hard ground, where the birds gobble them up. Some fall on rocky, shallow soil, where they grow, but because they have no roots, the die quickly. Some fall in fertile soil, where they multiply thirty or a hundred fold. No, I didn't skip one, I just saved for last the part of the parable that references me, and probably most of the people I know. Some of the seed fell in among thorns, where they were choked out. Of course, the thorns represent the worries and business of life. Shall I list my thorns? Oh, let's!

Ron's Thorns:
1. Earning my MBA
2. Writing my novel
3. Running the Wednesday children's program at church
4. Teaching a God & Country class
5. Writing this blog
6. Worrying about my weight
7. Woodworking projects
8. House upkeep
9. Lawn maintenance (snow right now)
10. Job worries
11. Reading novels
12. Kid's activities (we start them young in the thornbush, don't we?)
13. Critiquing my partner's work

That looks like a good list. Funny thing is, many of those are what we'd consider good and wholesome activities. After all, what's wrong with writing my novel? Or running the kid's church program? Nothing, really, but look at the list. That's 13 I worry about on pretty much a daily basis. Devotion and prayer get squeezed in between 7 & 8, or 2 & 3, wherever I can find the time. In the end, all 13 suffer. But, most of all, my spiritual life suffers. No wonder Jesus made a big point of not worrying. That's all I do!

Okay, I'm done venting. Time to go shovel the thorns...uh, snow.


Robin Cynclair said...

You said it right, it's LIFE. Life interrupts. I'm ssssllllowllllllllly learning I can't do it all! (Yeah, I still have an issue with that), but I'm learning to just lean on God, and He'll show me where to direct my energy. Burn out is a bad thing, trust me, and no matter how we try, we can NOT do everything. As for me, I've cut back on "obligations" that while were good (church activities) and helpful, I needed to prioritize. So, my house won't be spotless--with 3 kids, why did I expect it to be that way anyhow? I also am learning how to make use of every minute I can, however, I'm also allowing time for ME. To spend time with God alone, to nourish and renew MY spiritual strength. And I think that's the crux...finding how to juggle everything and get the most out of it. Anybody up for joining the circus? LOL

Hang in there, Ron. Those "thorns" will one day grow into beautiful trees which will produce wholesome fruit. I have faith. :)

Carol Collett said...

I'm not sure fruit is what's going to grow out of my sink full of dirty dishes, but we'll see. I'm right there too. Finishing the degree I started 20 years ago, husband, house, 40+hours a week job, writing........
Learning to say no....well, I'm getting ther. I did resign from teaching Sunday School. I am only in class part time instead of full time. I'm concentrating on short stories right now instead of novels (until I finish school).
Robin, you've got it's that time alone with God, just me and Him, that fills my tank. More even that our worship services.
(Who said that-not me!)

Carol Collett said...

geez--I need to spellcheck!

Dineen A. Miller said...

That's quite a list, Ron. I know how you feel. You've heard the saying, "Too much of a good thing." Someone told me once that's the porblem. It's not about good vs. bad stuff in our lives. It's all good, like you said. It's about figuring out what God's best is and making those the priorities and letting the other "goods" go for now. I know that's my biggest struggle, to keep the bizzies from taking control. The enemy loves that.

Dineen A. Miller said...
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Camy Tang said...

Good point, dude. I'm just now learning how to prioritize. Sheesh, it's taken me this long just to realize I had a problem! One day my life will be completely under control, right? ;)


:-)Ronie said...

I just a Bible study on this. And there's one verse that says "Three times I asked the Lord to remove this from me." Well, hello! I think we've figured out that doesn't work. LOL

Accepting these things as a part of our life, as a pathway to peace (Serenity prayer), is the hard part.

And what's up with all of us getting slammed at once? You'd think we'd opened something--like a book???? LOL