Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Place for Slackers

It's been a week since I posted. I'm slacking big time. But I have several excellent excuses:
1. Winter semester and 2 classes this term (MBA).
2. Horrible week at work.
3. Fantastic week at work (I have several bosses as I push toward communications and away from engineering).
4. I'm lazy

But I'm back now. Besides, it was do this or change my oil now that the temperatures are back in the normal January range of lower 20s. We hit 53 this week. Convertable tops were down. Only in the north. Especially in Motown.

The novel writing is about as slow now as it's ever been. I knew it was coming. But I'm doing so much writing between my new responsibilities at work and my classes, which are pretty much all writing.

On a brighter note, spring is only 9 months away and I discovered Google Earth this week. At first I thought "big deal." But then I realized that I could actually zoom in on city streets I've used in my novel. It beats the heck out of driving to Dallas. And Ronie was getting sick of making road trips to check my facts. I showed my son the shipyards at Norfolk and San Diego. Then we zoomed in on Pearl Harbor for a look at the USS Missouri (she's a museum there now) and the USS Arizona Memorial. You can see the Arizona under the water, too. Some of the higher resolution photos are a year old or more, but it's still useful.

Anyway (I hate starting a sentence with "Anyway"), you can download the Google Earth software at It's worth the trip.


:-)Ronie said...

It's teh simple things that keep him fascinated. Can you tell? *grin* So glad that thing is about a YEAR outdated, or you'd be snooping on all of us. LOL

Camy Tang said...

Hey fellow slacker,

I really should be writing. Reading about you not writing is motivating. See? You're useful for something. ;)


Ron Estrada said...

Too late, Ronie. You really should throw some weed killer on your lawn. The dandelions are getting a bit out of hand.

Robin Cynclair said...

Well, the cool thing is, Google Earth doesn't even show my street, so I think I'm pretty safe! :)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Eww, you guys are so bad. LOL! I just downloaded it. Thanks Ron!