Saturday, October 01, 2005


"There are too many months between October and October." - Gene Hill

Yes, my Michigan is soon to be dressed in her finest splendor. This morning I got up before the tribe, made a pot of coffee, and rejoiced in the arrival of my favorite month. At one time, it was my favorite month because Michigan's archery deer season begins today. I still hunt, but very little, which would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. As I grew older, though, I learned to appreciate just being alive during October. So, for those of you who live in the northern portion of these states, step outside and breathe in October. The rest of you may have to wait a few weeks.

So, I've really latched on to this subject of working to get published. Aspiring writers today have more advantages than Jack London ever could have imagined. We have word processing programs, e-mail, the internet, and the TV for easy research. Even more importantly, though, is we have immediate access to the minds of the finest writers in the world. We have more books about writing than we have writers. We have bloggers like Brandilyn Collins and Dave Long who willingly share their knowledge with us newbees, saving us years of making the same mistakes they've already conquered.

That being said, why is it still so hard to get published? Because it's so easy to write. I don't mean that the final polished draft is easy, but just sitting down and tapping out a novel. Everyone who has any inkling to write a book can do it. The problem is, they don't take the time to learn the craft. Despite all our advantages, we still have to work hard and learn. The competition is fierce. Grisham certainly didn't rely on his courtroom experience and access to a computer to write great legal thrillers. He had to learn the craft just like the rest of us.

I've vowed to myself that I will stay in this for the long haul. Wheter it takes one year or twenty to see my name on a book jacket, I'll stay the course. With the help of some good friends, who are in this game with me, and a wife who suports me all the way, I know I'll be sucsessful.

My Christian Supernatural Thriller, Soul Searcher, is in edit mode. I'm very excited about it. One publisher and an agent showed great interest in it at the ACFW conference. I won't send it until it's polished, though. Patience is a necessity in this business.

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