Friday, April 01, 2005

A day off

I took the day off so I could take my kids out to Muskegon and sleep aboard the USS Silversides, a restored WWII submarine. We've done it once before. The cub scout troop arranges it. It's really quite fascinating even though you never really sleep. Some of those dads can snore loud enough to set off the dud torpedoes. I packed alot of ear plugs this time.

I'm fully registered with ACFW now and even entered the Noble Theme contest. There's not much for prizes involved but it would be nice just to get some feedback. I hope this isn't just another writer wannabee board where everyone talks about writing but never spends enough time doing it (I should talk). I want the support without the distraction. Is that possible.

It's starting out as a beautfiul day. The weather thingy on my screen says 41 degrees. Not bad for April 1st. Oh shoot, my sister's birthday (nobody believed me when I announced the news to my 4th grade class). I'd better remember to call.

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