Sunday, February 10, 2013

Praising the Snow

It's been an interesting weekend. I watched all week as the "snowstorm of the century" rolled across the midwest. Even more so was the timing that solidified by week's end. The storm was schedule to dump snow on our home in Michigan Thursday night and well into Friday morning.

I had a 6am Friday flight out of Detroit Metro.

The storm was then scheduled to hit New York about midday Friday, where it would join forces with an Atlantic storm to really stir things up.

My flight was to New York LaGuardia Airport.

The New York storm was expecting to dump over a foot of snow statewide throughout Friday night.

I would be driving my daughter home in our PT Cruiser, starting out Saturday morning.

Ever prayed a lot for better weather?

I did pray. A lot. And was somewhat disturbed when God allowed that snowstorm to not only hit, but in numbers greater than originally expected. Sydney and I stayed at the Quality Inn in Hyde Park Friday night, and we woke up to this Saturday morning.

Somewhere under that hill is a blue PT Cruiser. Meanwhile, my wife, back in Michigan is reading various reports on the internet about New York highways being shut down. Let me tell you something: even in this day of instant news, exaggerations abound. Oh, it was bad, no doubt about that, but once I realized the deed was done and I had a job to do, I felt at peace with it.

I borrowed a snow shovel from the hotel, dug out "Petey," and got us on the road. The freeways were slushy and down to one lane in spots, but passable. We spotted some interesting accidents in which the drivers all appeared unharmed, and had plenty to talk about.

God works that way, doesn't He? What I saw as a disaster of epic proportions turned into a daddy-daughter adventure, possibly one of the last I'll ever get with my now 19 year-old. It also turned into a great learning opportunity. She got to be a little scared of driving in bad weather. It's a fear that will serve her well. She was also in Hyde Park when Hurricane Sandy hit last year, so she's had the chance to witness the awesome power of God's nature that she probably never would have seen in our safe little corner of east Michigan.

The next eleven hours of our drive were mostly uneventful. We admired some beautiful snow-covered scenery and marveled at the efficiency of the New York and Pennsylvania Road Commissions. I also sent up a little thank you for salt.

I felt a little inconvenienced by the whole trip when my wife first announced I would be making it. I have work to do, writing to accomplish, my days are jam-packed. No time for this two day misadventure.

But, as a writer, I have a new dimension to add to my writing. I quickly forget that I will little to offer the world if all my time is spent hovered over a keyboard. Unless the world of my character's remains within the four walls of my den, I'd better get out and see what's out there. And yesterday I did.

So thank you, Lord, for giving me, once again, what I need instead of what I want. Thank you for the storm that I may rejoice in dry pavement and sunshine.

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