Monday, August 27, 2012

Apocalyptic Tremors - a Review

I love everything related to the End Times. And for a good reason. Only a fool could look at the world today and not wonder if civilization isn't coming to a close, at least the civilization as we know it. For the Christian, we're told to always be watchful. Watchful for signs. Watchful for opportunities to share the Gospel. And watchful for any chance to dig deeper into the Word of God and understand His plan.

That's why I picked up Apocalyptic Tremors by C.R. Chapman. It looked like it might be something different than the standard "Left Behind" assessment of the End Times. On that account, I was not disappointed. Chapman covers the book of Revelations from a different angle, one more in keeping with the text, in my opinion. She doesn't give credit to the standard pre-trib, revived Roman Empire eschatology that seems to dominate the bookshelves and airwaves, despite perfectly sound evidence that these folks may be disastrously mistaken.

Now the negative. And this hurts to say because I love a well researched commentary. But Chapman is sorely in need of an editor. She was very hard to follow and often repetitive. I say this as a writer because I know she's got talent. She just needs to take all that info and structure so the laymen with little time can get through it quickly and understand it immediately. It's a tough read as is. Worth the effort. But tough to slog through.

Do I recommend it? Yes. Mostly because there is just not enough information out there that opposes the typical "Rapture Ready" theology. Thank God (quite literally) there are a few writers willing to break from the pack and take a harder look at the scripture as written.

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