Saturday, January 31, 2009


Now that I've demonstrated what little I remember from college, let's make this simple. We can spend our lives, and many have, using whatever math and science we have at our disposal in an attempt to drill down to the origins of life. The problem is: we just can't come up with an answer based on our own understanding. No matter how many theories and proofs that pop up on either side of this debate, there are simply too many unknowns, too many assumptions, and too many preconceived notions to come up with a clear, irrefutable answer.

You'll never find x.

So what do we do when math and science can't answer a problem? We turn to logic.

Yay! Say the atheists. Now we've got 'em!

After all, who can argue the logic that you cannot believe in something you've never seen, never touched, never heard.

Well...I can.

In my head, and in yours, is a clump of gray matter that weighs about 6lbs. We all got pretty much the same hardware package when we were born, despite what our spouses may claim. Now, as I try to comprehend the cosmos, the edges of the universe, exactly how far a billion light years really is, how the Captain Kirk can have instantaneous communications with Starship Command, I get a headache. I crash. Time to reboot and grab a cup of coffee.

As I try to imagine a God who created all the universe, knows every thought of every human, knows when a sparrow falls dead, I get a headache. Crash. Coffee. Two cups.

Our brains, as remarkable as they are, are finite. The universe is not. God is not. For us to assume that something cannot exist because our 6lb. lump can't fathom it...well, it's arrogant. I don't care how eloquent someone can speak or write against belief in God, he's working on the same hardware that I am. He's limited in his thought. He must admit that, whatever we believe about the origins of life, it is fantastic, almost impossible to comprehend.

So why can't x=God? Don't think religion, think super intelligent life outside of our universe. It seems that people can swallow that pretty easily. After all, in an infinite universe, there must be a higher life form somewhere, right? Well, why can't we call that higher life form God? Got a better name? Darrel? Somehow, "Darrel the highly intelligent life form" just doesn't fit into a Sunday hymn. But if Darrel suites you, I'll leave it alone for now.

Let's not get sidetracked with the subject of worship. I like baby steps. If I can convince one person that it's possible a highly intelligent creator may be responsible for this rock on which we live as well as the 6lb. lumps of flesh in our heads, then my work here is done.

Well, almost. But let's stop there for today. After all, you've only got 6lbs. to work with.

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