Saturday, March 01, 2008

Here he goes again

My friends who will check in to see if I've actually posted something recently will, no doubt, roll their eyes and say, "Another name change on the blog, Ron? Would you just settle on one thing or another?"

My answer is "No." Nothing is permanent, especially on the blogosphere. I have several passions in my life: Jesus, my family, and writing. Expect any one of those topics to surface from time to time, with a smattering of fly-fishing, politics, and hunting.

Read my blog if you wish. There is certainly no shortage of other blogs to read or websites to visit. This is mostly a place for me to get the rambles out of my system before I write something printable. The spiritual journey is a long one...very long. I expect to never run out of topics. If you're looking for a place to make you a better writer, go visit one of the links on the left. Don't ask me, man, I'm just faking it. If you're looking to be the perfect husband, please let me know when you've found the secret. If you're looking to be the world's best hunter...uh, it's a struggle for just to stay awake in the tree stand.

But if you're searching for truth, so am I. I say searching because it never really ends. I've found the source of all truth, but He's still teaching me. I like to read about it. I like to write about it. So there it is. I'm back. I'll probably be alone here, but I'm writing even if you're not reading.

I'll keep my friends up to date on my latest ventures, they'll be surprised to learn that I'm steering toward the dark side (non-fiction).

Until I feel like posting again. See-yah.

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