Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's your title?

One key element for marketing via the internet is this: People who visit a web page are looking for information before they're looking to make a purchase. I know this because it's been a hard lesson at Hensley Mfg., the company where I now work. Hensley makes some high-end products for the RV industry, an industry notorious for being on the super cheap side of things.

We've come to one conclusion at Hensley: we have to give away information before we can expect to sell anything.

And that will need to be your attitude as well.

Let's pick on someone we all know and love: Brandilyn Collins. If you go to her blog, what title to do you see? Brandilyn's Books or the I Love B.C. Blog?

No, you see a very catchy title: Forensics and Faith. Bingo, in three words she's pulled any Christian suspense reader into her little web (pun definitely intended). What has Brandilyn created? Say it with me class:


Oh yes, that again. See how it all fits so nicely. Now I'm going to pick on another (possibly former) friend: Robin (Miller) Caroll.

Robin's well written mysteries are backdropped in the Louisiana Bayou. Maybe we can come up with Robin's empire. She'll surely ignore it and choose her own, but what the heck. Think southern swamp, alligators, cops, gumbo, it's all fair game.

Okay, you can pick on me, too. I don't have a contract yet, but my mysteries are set in Northern Michigan. Think log cabins, diners, trout, rivers.

Get started. I'd play too, but I'm nursing my displaced back.

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Robin Caroll said...

Dude, my empire? LOL I can have an alligator empire? Oh, lucky me. LOL

Do ya miss me? The board meeting's going well, thank you for asking. Guess you'd know that if you'd VISIT MY BLOG! LOL