Friday, June 16, 2006

Dark and Stormy Report

Okay, let's get back in the saddle. Summer's here! I'm a real MBA graduate and now have time to write again! I kicked off my freedom by attending the Dark and Stormy Nights Conference in Chicago. It was a nice, cozy (no pun intended) conference. I was mostly interested in the presentations by forensic experts and Chicago cops. You know, they sound just like the Chicago cops in all those 1930's movies. Weird.

I've jumped back into my mystery, which I never really began. It's called "Murder on the Side" and will be the first of my River Bend Mystery series. I love northern Michigan, so that's where I set my novel, right on the Au Sable River, though I've renamed it the Grayling River.

I'm back! I'm not any better, but I'm back!


Camy Tang said...

Glad you're back! I'm praying for your back, dude. I had back problems, too. I don't know if yoga is unmanly, but I've been doing Denise Austin's Fit and Lite exercise program (yoga and pilates), and she tends to focus a lot of exercises on the back and abs, and my back problems have been getting better for the first time in months.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Wooohooo! Welcome back, dude! Looking forward to reading it. And congrats on the MBA!!!

:-)Ronie said...

So glad you're back, Ron! The conference sounds like it was great!

Congratulations on your MBA. Awesome job, dude!

Victoria Gaines said...

Hi Ron! Found your blog via Camy's Loft. Congrats on your MBA. Stop by my writer's nook if you get a chance. The more writers, the merrier:-)

Robin Cynclair said...

Congrats on the MBA! Now, get busy writing that mystery...the concept is AWESOME!